5x20ml Andrea Hair Growth Regrowth Ginger Essence Natural Hair Loss Treatment Hair Care

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Name: Andrea Hair Growth Essence

Package include:
5x 20ml hair growth regrowth liquid

ginger, ginseng, los card section, fleece-flower root,
grape seed oil and flower plants natural ingredients

Main Ingredient:
Ginseng--- so-called "the king of ginseng" activate hair follicles,
nourish the scalp, provide nutrients, gave rise to new hair.
Ginger--- promote blood circulation, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.
Polygonum--- let your hair more black

The product makes the hair grow 2-3 times faster than the normal
growing speed, make hair smooth and healthy.

Suit for:
the people whose hair grows slowly, people who need to grow hair faster,
or people with inelastic hair, tangled hair dull, hair brittle

Step 1: add 3 ml hair growth essence into 100 ml shampoo and stir evenly.
Step 2: pour the shampoo into the palm, add a little warm water to rub to get bubbles.
Step 3: after being up bubbles, gently massage with fingertips on the hair and scalp. ​
Step 4: wash your hair, and rinse clean with warm water. the inside of the hair should
rinse carefully.
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